Include power conditioners

IndustrialPR, the news site filtered for engineers, MRO, technical and manufacturing professionals and publisher of numerous B2B buying guides introduced Tuesday its new American Electrical Supply Directory at. The company, which recently started offering manual press release submission service for the manufacturing and B2B trade community said the publication, hosted by Industrial Leaders serves as an electric equipment and supplies buyers’ guide with offerings for a variety of ballasts, fuses, circuit breakers, commercial lighting systems, (indoor & outdoor), residential lighting, panel boxes, building wire, computer wiring, lamps & large ballasts, hardware, conduit & raceway, lighting controls & timers, electrician tools, electric power testers & meters, wiring devices, distribution equipment, fittings, enclosures and allied products

Wayne Grossman, spokesman for IndustrialPR said the company has partner with the Electrical Supply Marketplace to offer a wider range of products and services best electric bike reviews while providing users with an interactive platform to negotiate and arrange business opportunities with buyers and suppliers of electric supplies and equipment at.

“The electrical distributors and other suppliers of electric systems and equipment featured on the site have been carefully selected by IndustrialPR editors based on the range of products and services offered,” said Grossman is an online engineering, technical, IT and manufacturing news portal providing the latest stories, feeds, editorials and articles covering newly launched equipment, tools, components, software and machinery as well as other products for manufacturers and other industries worldwide.”

This news release was distributed by IndustrialPR. According to Grossman, the electrical supplies bought and sold on the marketplace and directory is meant to be suitable for industrial, construction, commercial facilities, residential, military & government, metropolitan, power plants, general manufacturing, entertainment, sports complexes & fields, retail stores, office buildings, warehousing, night time roadwork, amusement parts, camping grounds and other applications. The site unveils some of the most advanced industrial products, innovative services and technologies being introduced into the marketplace by world leading companies serving national and international markets. He concluded, “Recently added electrical supplies in the directory include power conditioners & voltage regulators, occupancy detectors, AC disconnects, batteries, power supplies, circuit breakers, line reactors, panel boards, cable trays & grips, bar code products, loadcenters, anchoring devices, power strips, backup lighting, operator interface, energy saving light bulbs, flashlights, fasteners, dimmers, encoders, connectors & terminals, insulators, heavy-duty wiring, grounding, fuses & accessories as well as meter bases, electrical outlets & switches, lighting fixtures, power factor correction capacitors and other electrical supply solutions.

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